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Surveyor Transit
Surveyor Transit
Surveyor Transit
Surveyor Transit

Surveyor Transit

Historical artifact -- Surveyor's Compass

These Two Artifacts Are In The Blm Collections With Almost No Information. What Is Recorded Here As Project I.D. And Contractor, Is Nothing More Than A Guess.-p.B. Curated On "oversized Artifact" Shelves.
(1) A Small Wooden Box That Has Been Converted Into A Sall Stool By Nailing The Ends Of Four Chair Legs To The Inside Of Each Corner. The Box On The Outside Is 13 Inches Long, 7 Inches Wide, And 7 3/8 Inches High And Is Made Of 3/8 Inch Thick Wood. Labled "c.F.&i.Corp., Pueblo. The Box Contained "billposters Bluedtacks". Remains Of Light Canvas Covering Is On The Outside Of The Box.
(2) 19th Century Surveyors Transit. It Is Made Of Brass, With Two Tang Sights, No Optics. In The Center Is A 7" Dia. Compass W / Glass Cover. The Tang Sights Do Not Fold Down. On The Compass Face, The Lable "wm. T. Young, Maker" Is In Script Writing. Serial number is 3079. Based on the Serial number and naming, it can be dated to 1841 - 1850s.
The transit was featured as the cover and spread in 2022s Membership Magazine.
Content Date:
1841 – 1859;1980