Mesa County Oral History Project ➔ Collbran And Plateau Valley

Oral History -- Audiocassette

Helen Young discusses the early history of Collbran and Plateau Valley.
Hawkhurst-young Family History; Mesa Church; Collbran Congregational Church; Rev. D. Wicker, Minister; Mr. Collbran And The Attempt To Get A Railroad To Plateau Valley; Early Community Activities; Atwell Bridge, Flood-1905; Collbran Post Office; Collbran Auditorium, 1909; Dr. Zinke; Helen Young's Orchestra; Circus; Chautauqua; Petroglyphs; Collbran Newspaper, C. B. Pitts, Editor; Collbran Bank
Interview Date:
April 23 1975
copyright Museums of Western Colorado
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Mesa County Oral History Project The Mesa County Oral History Project began as a joint project of the Museums of Western Colorado and Mesa County Libraries (MCL) in 1975.

What IS Oral History?
An oral history is an audio or video recording of a person speaking about their personal, lived experience of historical events. 

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Helen Hawxhurst Young (narrator)
Evelyn H. Kyle (interviewer)
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