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Oral History -- Audiocassette

William “Mose” Burkitt and Estella (Gavin) Taylor discuss the early history of Fruita, Colorado and Mesa County.
First Boy Bporn In Valley, Harrison Gavin; Midwives; Dr. Harrison Stroud; Home Remedies; Roth School; Elwood And Crown Point Cemeteries; Progressive Women's Club; Horse Thieves; Hurlbert And Armstrong, Tom Boy Mine; Mr. George Knowles, Carpenter; Cattle; Salt Wash, Utah; Round-up; Making Cheese; Milk House; Washing Clothes By Hand; Washing Machine; Making Soap; Home Canning; Quilts; Car Race, Basalt To Glenwood; Bikes; Congregational Church, Fruita, And Its Bell;square Dances; Fruit High-1902; Gavin Farm; D.T.Clark, Sheep And Cattle; Crested Butte; Doc Gavin, Cowboy; Flying W Ranch; Ridgeway; Cow Creek; Doc Gavin, Ouray Cty. Commissioner; Henry Rhone; Town Of Rhone; Fruita Park Activities; Appleton, Fruita Industry; Third P.O. In Squire Lane's Home; Appleton Brethern Church, Water Troughs, Sacred Heart Rectory; Rhone, Town; Fruita Park Activities;appleton; Fruita Industry; Post Office In Squire Lane's Home; Pabor; Fruita Bandstand; Brethern Church, Appleton; Rectory At The Fruita Catholic Church; Water Troughs, Fruita
Interview Date:
June 25 1975
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Mesa County Oral History Project The Mesa County Oral History Project began as a joint project of the Museums of Western Colorado and Mesa County Libraries (MCL) in 1975.

What IS Oral History?
An oral history is an audio or video recording of a person speaking about their personal, lived experience of historical events. 

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