Mesa County Oral History Project ➔ Grand Junction 1912-1931

Oral History -- Audiocassette

Gladys Gross, who grew up on an apple farm at the intersection of North Avenue and 12th Street, talks about her father’s residential development of their farm land. She discusses old businesses in town, including the icehouses utilized by the railroad near Third Street and how they burned down. She also talks about the desperation and hunger of people during the Great Depression, her work with New Deal programs, the route of the Little Book Cliff Railway, about hiking near the Pest House as a kid, and about her education at the early Grand Junction Junior College.
Ibc College; Apples; Coddling Moth; Drg Railroad; Express Office; Mesa Feed Fire; Mesa Flour Mill In Grd. Jct.; Sugar Factory; Ice House On Railroad; Ice House Fire; Labor Day; Canning; Depression Relief Program; Wpa - Created Jobs; Ccc; Carpenter; Bookcliff Coal Mine; Nancy Forry, Teacher; Dr. Hanson; Walter Walker; Pest House; Franklin High School; Lowell School; Mesa College
Interview Date:
April 1 1974
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Mesa County Oral History Project The Mesa County Oral History Project began as a joint project of the Museums of Western Colorado and Mesa County Libraries (MCL) in 1975.

What IS Oral History?
An oral history is an audio or video recording of a person speaking about their personal, lived experience of historical events. 

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