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Oral History -- Audiocassette

Florence Walker describes in vivid detail the environment of Glade Park while living and teaching there during the 1916-1917 school year.

Appleton Consolidated High School; Hoel Business College; Mrs. Hinton, Superintendent Of Schools; Road Or Rhone Canyon School, Glade Park; Description Of School; Stage Driver, Mr. Simpson (hauled Supplies To Glade Park);little Park; Glade Park; Pinon Mesa; Log Cabin; Herman And Edna Rowe, Lower Ranch Area; Gramophone; Getting Water; Indian Summer; Teacher's Convention; Interurban; Horse Tales; Thanksgiving Program; Pinon Nuts; Christmas Program; Brethern Church; Black Ridge; Dance; Lumber Wagon; Quinsey, Disease Or Condition; Rules Of The Brethern Church
Content Date:
1916 – 1917
Interview Date:
September 14 1972
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Mesa County Oral History Project The Mesa County Oral History Project began as a joint project of the Museums of Western Colorado and Mesa County Libraries (MCL) in 1975.

What IS Oral History?
An oral history is an audio or video recording of a person speaking about their personal, lived experience of historical events. 

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