Mesa County Oral History Project ➔ Oral History with Nellie Sewell, Carbondale Area

Oral History -- Audiocassette

Nellie Sewell describes the early settlement of the Thompson Creek area by the Thompson and Sewell families. The Interview was conducted by the Mesa County Oral History Project.
Thompson Family; Thompson Creek; Granby; Sewell Family; Carpenter; Sewell Farm; Hay And Potatoes; Eggs; Carbondale; Wheat; Steam Threshing Machine; Leadville; Aspen; Gold; Rockwood School, Carbondale; Sheep; Marion (town-ghost); Wwi; Cattle; Electrical Engineer; Redstone Mansion; Bummie (sheep); Crystal River; Crystal River Valley; Cow Camps; North Thompson Coal Mine; Marion Cemetery; Perham Creek; Spring Gulch Coal Mine; Coyotes And A Government Trapper; Blm; Forest Service Permits; Arrowheads
Content Date:
1900 – 1976
Interview Date:
July 9 1976
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Mesa County Oral History Project The Mesa County Oral History Project began as a joint project of the Museums of Western Colorado and Mesa County Libraries (MCL) in 1975.

What IS Oral History?
An oral history is an audio or video recording of a person speaking about their personal, lived experience of historical events. 

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